Shocase! A New Network to Combine Channels

By: Joseph Kao  

Some of you may have heard about the new startup company in San Francisco that has just released their awesome product. The name is Shocase, a Marketing Professional Network that is built to feature, promote and connect with all kinds of target marketers from around the world.


The website’s whole concept is to combine functions of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube together. The powerful and effective network allows members to display their best work and get recognition from others while building up a good reputation. A professional is able to create a personalized online profile of their skills and achievements, but also look at the newsfeed to see what projects are taking place, the areas of interest and the upcoming industry trends.


Shocase incorporates many areas in the business industry including brand management, advertising, PR, design, digital, shopper marketing, packaging design,event/experiential, analytics, SEO, social and content marketing.The dynamic interface behind Shocase’s user experience has been developed by a team of more than 40 engineers and product designers including my dad.


At this year’s Superbowl, the company was able to collect commercial spots to show consumers the people behind the creation, film and design of the ads. Shocase is a company that is on their way up and it will be something to watch out for! To all the professional marketers, check out the link below.