How to Tackle Sleep Deprivation

Who else feels sleep-deprived? You're not the only one. In this episode, I get candid about sleep deprivation and why it's vital for us to get enough shut-eye to function at optimal levels. Sleep is (or should be) a vital component to our countercultural lifestyle!

Being an ambitious woman AND 32-weeks-pregnant, I put my sleep on the back burner to accommodate everyone else’s schedule. I realized it was time for me to get selfish with my sleep.

Why did I stop prioritizing my sleep?

- Because I’m afraid to ask for what I need. - Because I don’t want the family to get mad at me. - Because I want to make everybody happy. - Because I am trying to do everything well. - Because I don’t want to “mess up” anyone else’s schedule. - Because I feel it’s selfish. - Because I am worried I won’t get to have some hubby time *wink wink*.

These are probably silly-sounding reasons, but I know I'm not the only one who's used them.

We need to be strong enough to ask for what we need AND for what we want.

To be at my best, I need sleep, food, and alone time. If my sleep is suffering, the rest of my life suffers. When we sacrifice our sleep for “everyone else,” we will burn out. It’s not a good long-term strategy, unless you’re an expert sleep hacker.

If there’s anything that gives me an edge, it’s SLEEP.

When I get enough sleep:

- I am happy. - I am productive. - I manage my nerves better. - I can handle heavier workloads. - I can relax because I know that I have “7-8 hours that are mine” in bed.


Your Turn: When did you last experience sleep deprivation? What is YOUR secret ingredient to getting enough Zzz's at night?