How To Boost Social Media ROI

Question of the Week:  “Which social media channel should I choose if I could only pick one?” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all come to mind. I confess: I use all three of these channels (and then some), but I’m a social nerd. As a corporate professional with limited time, it’s essential to hone in on that “most valuable network.”

Let’s take a look at all three to decide:

1.     Facebook

If you’re using social in the B2B realm, Facebook is not your premium platform for personal branding. There is some value in a Facebook brand page, if you are a small business or your target audience hangs out on Facebook.

Advice: Keep your Facebook channel focused on your friends, family and pets. NOT your professional contacts.

2.      Twitter

Twitter can become a premium platform for personal branding. I use my Twitter stream with that in mind. If there are 140-character messages I want to communicate to my followers, I use Twitter to do it. There are several different personalities that use Twitter. We’ll get into those later.

Advice: Remember that every tweet is another piece of your live resume. Unless you are building your brand around your “personal life,” keep it professional, newsy and informative.

3.      LinkedIn

If you’re planning to use social media for business and personal brand building, LinkedIn is THE place to focus your efforts. Watch some of my other videos about LinkedIn to discover your own strategy to use this channel effectively.

Advice: Keep LinkedIn as your professional network ONLY. Don’t add your friends and family into the mix.

After checking out all three of these channels, which one do YOU think provides the most ROI (return on investment) to accelerate your career? Leave a comment and then, subscribe to the Mindi Zone (below)!