Why Is Social Media Overwhelming?

Because I am renowned for my social nerd-dom, I get asked almost daily, “Mindi, how can I do all of that social media stuff? It’s just too overwhelming and time-consuming.” I think we get overwhelmed by the be everywhere strategy. Though that methodology may work for entrepreneurs with boatloads of time (outside their 4-hour-work-week), it doesn’t work for us in our 50-60+ hours/week careers in corporate. We have limited time, and we want every moment, tweet, post and status to count!


1.     We feel intimidated by the social media channels.


With so many social channels, how will I ever know where to post? When to post? Where my target audience is? How to tweet? And, the list goes on. Let’s take it one channel at a time.


2.     We forget the most important aspects of marketing.


When you think about marketing yourself or your company, it’s about these four elements: communication, engagement, listening and sharing. If you must, be channel-agnostic. Just be authentic and focus on engaging with your audience…no matter where they are online.


3.     We don’t know where to start.


If you don’t know where to start, focus on LinkedIn. (Or, check out my step-by-step DIY social media audit.) As a corporate professional, it’s ESSENTIAL that you have a presence on LinkedIn. If you want more hands-on information about the platform, then check out author Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day. (Disclaimer: this book requires A LOT of homework. Only for hardcore professionals.)

I’ll be discussing more about LinkedIn next week, so stay tuned!


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