Why a Social Media Platform is Essential for Professionals

So, you think that social media is only for Millennials, who are glued to their smartphones? Maybe you assume that building a social media platform is only for over-eager small business owners and spammy entrepreneurs. I challenge you to reconsider.  

The Issue

Professionals, like us, in corporate America are discovering our careers are stunted, unless we develop a robust social media presence. C-suite executives are fumbling with these ever-changing social tools. It’s disheartening to add yet another responsibility to our already crammed Outlook calendars.


The Solution

Did you know that you can craft your personal brand in only 15 minutes a day? That’s what I do in the Mindi Zone. I coach professionals one-on-one to develop their personal brands through social media.


In the Mindi Zone, you’ll discover:


  • How to create your professional image on social media
  • How to engage with your target audience
  • How to shape your followers’ perceptions of you

...and much more.


The Why

Why did I start the Mindi Zone? Because I was desperate for a site dedicated to personal branding for corporate professionals, like me. Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog was the closest source I could find. (I highly recommend you subscribe to it.) Still, I wanted to create something with a bit more personality and some sass.


The Story

When I first joined the corporate world, my social platform was nearly non-existent. I was half-heartedly on Facebook to connect with my close friends, frenemies from my cultic past and my distant relatives. One of my favorite bloggers insisted that I join Twitter. Seriously, I really have to start “tweeting”? What a b-o-r-e! (Insert yawn here.)


In short, I joined Twitter and HATED the first six months, until I turned the corner of 100+ followers and my first RT. I was hooked! Since that day, I have composed almost 11,000 tweets, the equivalent of 2.5 novels. Though my audience may not be in the tens of thousands (yet), my social impact ain’t too shabby. ;) Twitter is the reason I became the Marketing Manager and Social Strategist for Rosetta Marketing, but that’s a story for another day.


The Question

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What struggles do you face as a corporate professional seeking to establish your personal brand? Just leave a comment or tweet me @MindiZone.