Grow Your Social Media Audience

Viviana Asks: I’m a psychic with 22 years experience. Although my clientele is growing, what can I do to maximize it?

Mindi Answers: Here are my three steps to growing your social media audience.

1. Know where your target audience hangs out online.

Are they Facebook fans, or do they like to tweet? Maybe they are a bit more drawn to forums. LinkedIn would be a “no.” Do you know what blogs or websites they frequent? One tip is to read through an article thread to see who commented, then connect with them in the thread or across social.

2. Hang out with your audience in their favorite places.

Don’t be a creepy stalker. Nobody likes to receive a Facebook friend request after you “stalked” them across the web. You could follow them on FB or on Twitter.

As my husband says, “Just be cool, man.” Hang out with them. Talk about their favorite topics. Share their articles or posts. Be cool.

3. Develop deeper relationships.

Once you’ve been “hanging out” long enough in their community, you can begin developing deeper relationships. This is where networking gets fun. You could even provide them a “complimentary reading,” like one of my YouTube viewers did for me.

It all comes down to relationships and building trust.

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