Stress: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Stress. The holidays are coming, and we need some countercultural ways to deal with the stress it brings along!

The good, bad, and the ugly:

Good – Stress can springboard you towards your goals of success, help you to become a better person, and improve your focus.

Bad – Stress can influence you to make poor choices, damage your health, and exacerbate depression.

Ugly – Stress can add years to your face!

Here are some tips for you leaders, whether you're an entrepreneur or in a company setting, about minimizing stress for your team members.

- Don’t forward them a negative email from the head hauncho.

- Don’t pass off the blame to them for something that YOU should be accountable for.

- Don’t lecture them for missing expectations when you never delineated what exactly those expectations were.

- Don’t ignore the signs of negative morale on your team.


Your Turn: How have you learned to minimize stress in your job or in your business? I'd love to learn some more of your strategies.