The Success Secret of Getting Edgy

How often do you deny who you are in order to ‘fit in’?  We all have an ‘edgy’ side that we often hide in order to ‘get along’ with management or colleagues.  We’ve all had those moments of introspection when we admit to ourselves that we’re not the person we expected to be.  Today, we talk about letting that ‘edgy’ side out and how it can actually help us progress.

Here’s the transcript of today’s video:

What makes you ‘edgy’?  Is it wearing a special outfit?  Is it having a certain attitude or acting a certain way?

What helps you come out of that shell and feel ‘edgy’?

For me it’s dressing a little bit different.  I like Camo, so I’m going to wear Camo.  But it’s not for everyone.  We each need to find the thing that makes us feel a bit ‘edgy.’

I used to be a spike heels and mini-skirt girl.  Even though I would occasionally wear the traditional business suit, I was known as the ‘edgy’ dresser.

I’m an ‘edgy’ person.  When I try to hide my edginess, I kind of go into a shell.  Part of me disappears, and there seems to be a little bit less of me.

Being a career-driven woman, I’ve found that being edgy has gotten me into a little bit of trouble.  One thing I like now about being an entrepreneur is that I can be ‘edgy.'  You have to use it like a flavor, like a spice.  You have to know the rules in order to be able to break the rules.

But it’s also helped me move ahead.  I moved into a position making a six figure income because I was a little bit ‘edgy,’ and they liked that about me.  Smart bosses and smart employers will look for that edginess.

Now I want to challenge you to be a little bit ‘edgy.’ I want you to say something ‘edgy,’ wear something ‘edgy.’  Go out on social media and say something you’ve always wanted to say but never have said.  As counterculturists, that’s what we do.

Now I want to hear about what you’re going to do today to be a bit ‘edgy.’