The Ex-Greenie, the Productivityist and the Break Up

I originally wrote this post a year ago (during our fifth wheel adventure), but it made me smile and feel a sense of gratitude when I read it again this year. Yes, I'm feeling VERY grateful that we're living in a "real house." And, here goes...

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than two weeks since we began our fifth wheel adventure. In that amount of time, I’ve already learned a LOT about minimalist living. And, I thought I was a minimalist before this. Ha!


The Ex-Greenie 

One aspect that surprised me is that I have given up on some of my greener practices in exchange for convenience and an uncluttered living space. It’s all about what gives us the most living space without looking too cluttered.

Take cloth diapers and reusable wipes, for example. I was adamant about using them when I had a washer and dryer next to my kitchen and could hide the dirty laundry in the closet. But now, it costs us $10 just to wash two full loads of laundry at our RV Park! And nobody likes the smell of baby mustard butt and asparagus-scented pee wafting 31’ down the hallway.

Ever reprimanding Jason, my hubby, about his nasty habit of using paper plates, I have nearly convinced my eco-self that it’s not that harmful to the environment. I rationalize that 4-5 plates a day in the waste basket is not going to bring on global warming or create a Trash Mountain all by my lonesome. Heck, I’d rather spend 10 less minutes daily washing dishes and clutter up our trash a day earlier. That’s the Bulletproof babe in me talking.

I’ve since second-guessed my dedication to eco-friendliness. I call myself an eco-practicalist. Is that website domain taken? As long as it makes practical and fiscal sense to do something, I will. When it exhausts my mental energy to keep up with a habit, I let it go.


The Productivityist

My productivity continues to improve the longer I live this lifestyle. Sure, I might not have the space I am accustomed to having to get my work done, but I learn how to batch and process my brain-heavy tasks at 4am. That’s now my prime time. I joke with Jason that if he ever gets “my 4am prime time,” he’d be a lucky (wink, wink) man!

I have also never been so busy with clients and prospective clients. I guess it’s a good sign that I have been forced to raise my hourly rate on Elance because I started receiving more than one invitation per day to bid for jobs. (That means you’re “high in demand” as a freelancer.)


The Break-Up

I also had an interesting experience with a spazzy potential client, and Lola advised me on how to work through the issue. Impressive, really. I was moaning about the email this guy sent me, and she chimed in with, “I just read a blog post about ‘How To Break Up with a Client’ on Huffington Post. Let me find it for you. Sounds like you need to break up with him.” That girl has business smarts. Wish I’d have been that insightful at her age. I attribute it to our unschooling experiment.

And, so our Rosser adventure continues. Ever learning. Ever growing. Ever experiencing.


Your Turn: Reflect on the past week. Any interesting “revelations" that you discovered in your day-to-day? Hope you didn’t have to break up with a client, try the 4am golden hour or ditch cloth diapers!