The Fitness Life of an Old Guy

Mindi had a blog post several weeks ago titled ‘Life Happens’.  That would be an appropriate title for my fitness regimen through the years.  I’ve never been a fitness junkie but I tried to stay relatively fit.  In 1997 some co-workers encouraged me to join them in preparing to run a marathon.  So in June of that year I ran Grandma’s Marathon and followed that up in fall by running the Twin Cities Marathon.  

But then co-workers and circumstances changed and so I went back to staying generally fit but no marathons.  But then life really happened in 2011.  During all this time I had not had any health issues other than Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was able to control that.  Then on the Saturday night before Mother’s Day I went to bed at my normal time but woke up 45 minutes later with a rasp in my breathing.


I tried to go back to bed but the rasp kept getting worse and I couldn’t sleep.  Finally around 2 AM I decided it was time to go the emergency room.  That set off a bevy of activity that resulted in my having heart valve replacement surgery.  Total surprise!  No warning or symptoms at all.  As I said earlier, sometimes life just happens and we have to decide how to deal with it.


So now I have a mechanical valve (yes, I’m bionic) and a pacemaker.  After recovering from surgery I was somewhat reluctant to exert myself too much.  As a result my weight has gone up.  But I have a clean bill of health now with no restrictions so I am starting on a new fitness regimen.  But I have to be a lot more cognizant of my situation now.  No running, more elliptical machines and weight training.


And so my new fitness life begins.  Let’s hear about yours?  What challenges have you had to overcome to stay fit?