Them There Rossers Done Got Adventure

Let’s break our fitness streak to chat about all the excitement happening with “them there Rossers!” This past week has been filled with all types of content creation across the interwebs.  

Full-time RVing. Additionally, you’ll want to keep up on our family’s [completely counterculture] RV-ing adventure. We are in Week 2 of living out of our 5th wheel. You can check out my YouTube channel to keep up with our raw footage, as we upload our Them There Rosser videos every few days. I also write about our adventures in my weekly newsletter to my mailing list. Enter your email (above) to keep up!


Workshifting. I recently wrote a guest post for The Freedom to Work blog, and it fits into my mission here at the Mindi Zone. I’m all about creating ideal environments that empower us to be well, enjoy work and live freely. In that post, I do some civil ranting about my viewpoint on workshifting for Millennials. I hope you’ll click over to read it.


Podcasting. I just interviewed Anese Cavanaugh from the IEP Method. It was tremendous having Anese on the inaugural episode of The 3% Conference podcast. She "brought it" to the show. I am already receiving plenty of positive feedback from the 3% team and fans about how she impacted them with her unique approach to female leadership. My personal favorite tip that Anese shared was how she prepares for a meeting. As an introvert myself, I struggle with prepping for any type of "first-time meeting" with people outside my immediate circles. Immediately after the show, I designed my own "30-minute, pre-phone call" strategy to cope with my phone-phobia. I now have less stress before phone calls and can be fully present with those on the other end of the line. It works like magic!


Upcoming Event. I will be attending Anese Cavanaugh’s IEP Live! Event on May 6 in Sacramento. If you are planning to attend, just let me know. I’d love to meet up over some Bulletproof Coffee.

Okay. Okay. Enough plugs for today. There’s just been so much excitement around the Rosser household that I had to share. Now, go rock your week!


Your Turn: What adventures are you embarking on? I’d love to hear about them any time. Just shoot me an email to share your counterculture story!