Don't Have Time for Reading? Try Blinkist!

Health and diet have been our focus for this month. Though often overlooked, happiness is a crucial component to health. I don’t know about you, but reading is one of the things that makes me feel happy, healthy and vibrant.  

Thing is, I don’t have the time for as much reading as I did during my carefree teenage years. But, I still have the appetite for reading. That’s when Blinkist changed my life.


In a nutshell: Blinkist is where you can read the hottest nonfiction books in 15 minutes, or less.


Sound too good to be true?


Here’s how it works. A gifted writer reads the entire book. Then, they write the book in “blinks” (one-screen chunks). Each “blink” is a key component/highlight of the book. At the very end, you read the final “blink,” which is a synopsis of the book and next action steps to implement what you learned. What could be better?


What I love most about Blinkist.


  • Number. They are always adding more books to their library, and you’d be hard-pressed to get through reading all their Blinks.


  • Variety. I love the fact that I can browse the library based upon my mood. Lately, I’ve been interested in Health and Happiness, so I’ve been reading related Blinks. Interested in business, self-help, psychology? You’ll love the variety in those categories.


  • Favorite authors. Most of today’s hottest non-fiction authors’ books are here. That’s one of the major reasons I subscribed. When I saw my reading wishlist here, I had to subscribe on the spot.


  • Socially responsive. I tweet at them quite frequently, and they are always responsive to my questions and suggestions. Gotta’ love that, since I’m a “social gal.”


  • Interface. The interface is clean, simple and easy-to-read. It’s a pleasure coming here during the day for my “Blinkist breaks” after being in the cluttered world of social media websites.


  • Unlimited Reading. After you subscribe, you can read as many books as you want. There’s no limit! For less than the cost of three Kindle books, you get access to scores of books. That’s a deal.


What could be improved with Blinkist.


  • Editing. Because the company is based in Berlin, Germany, some of the editing and grammar is not U.S. based. This drove me crazy during the first Blinkist Book I read, but I mentioned it to their staff (after spending one morning editing that Book for them), and they accepted my critique graciously.


  • Android App. I would love to have an Android app, so I could read my Blinks on-the-go. It’s not as mobile-friendly as I had hoped.


If you’re hard-pressed for time, but still want to read the hottest non-fiction books, try Blinkist. You’ll be hooked on how easy it is for you to grasp the major concepts of books, talk about them with your friends and actually implement what you learn.


Your Turn: What book are you reading right now? I’m always on the hunt for good books to add to my wishlist.


----- Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Blinkist because I wholly support their service. You can get Blinkist free for two weeks if you’d like to try it out. No credit card necessary.  And if you decide to buy and use the code 'MindiZone' at checkout you will receive a 20% discount off your first yearly subscription. :)