How Much Time & Space Do YOU Need?

You have probably heard motivational speakers discuss the benefits of envisioning Your Perfect Day. Start out by imagining how your day starts from the moment you wake till the moment your head hits the pillow at night. The more details you can depict, the better.  

For me, it’s quite simple. My Perfect Day is comprised of two core elements: time and space. I must have them both, or I feel a void. Like an essential part of myself is missing.



In our harried Western society, time is a precious commodity. Whether we are playing taxi cab driver for the kiddos as the stay-at-home parent or are pursuing a demanding career, we feel like we never have enough time. Rushing. Buzzing. Keeping up with the pack. Many of us feel like time is only a commodity for the rich, not for us everyday people.


One of my most-used excuses as a kid was that I never had enough time to do _____ (fill in the blank). My wise mother would respond, “Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. You always have time to do the things you feel are important.” This piece of wisdom has never left me.


You see, we all do have time. Though we have no idea how much time we will experience in our lifetime, we can choose to create time in this very moment IF we value time above other things. I’m not talking only material possessions. I don’t know about you, but time is more precious to me than having excess money, than having the latest technology, than going out to eat all the time, than going on shopping sprees.


In my own life, I made a drastic shift to create time. Not long ago, I got caught up in the rat race of a fast-paced, promising career. Sure, it was exciting. But at the end of the day, I had no energy to do anything but curl up in a fetal position, locked away from my family to spend a few moments trying to de-stress. Otherwise, I was too “tired and wired” and could barely keep a civil tone when having dinner with my family. Tragic.


What did I do about it? I had a tough discussion with my husband that I needed to make a change, not just for myself, but also for our soon-to-be-born child. We made a series of moves that led to my being able to freelance from home part-time, build my own online business and become a stay-at-home mom.


Time is now part of my Perfect Day.



Space is a bit more difficult to describe than time. Everyone understands the concept of time, but not everyone has experienced the bliss of space. I define space as having an uncluttered roominess within time to do with what you will. There are various types of space. Each is important to consider if you are attempting to create more space in your own life.


  • Physical space. All of us need physical space, which includes a conducive environment, to feel grounded in ourselves and to do our best work. I need to have fresh air, an almost library-quiet stillness inside/outside my home and a natural environment to feel at peace. Others may feel exactly the opposite, in that, they need a busy cityscape to feel inspired to create. Both of us need physical space. It’s simply two different types of physical space.


  • Psychological space. Having a clear and rested mind is what I could call having healthy psychological space. Our physical and social space both affect our psychological space. For example, if we are living in a non-conducive environment and are not socially settled, our psychological space will feel crowded. Ever have a day when you could think clearly, get things done, feel optimal health, experience happiness and be at one with life? You were experiencing expansive psychological space.


  • Social space. If you are an extrovert, you need more social stimulation in your space. If you are an introvert, you will need some social stimulation but much more downtime in your space. Find that happy place for yourself on the spectrum of social activity, and you will be in harmony within your social space.


These types of space are now incorporated into my Perfect Day, as well.


Your Turn: Which do you feel that you have more of right now, time or space? Do you feel like you need both to bring your counter culture life into balance?