5 Tips for the New Work From Home Parent

Are you a new parent wondering how to take care of this new life you’ve been given and still be productive?  Here’s 5 tips that help me.

Here’s the transcript if you prefer to read:

Hey everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser with the Mindi Zone, the Mindi Zone project. And today I’m talking about how to work from home.  Especially if you have a new little baby for those of you work at home, stay at home moms.

If you are new to parenthood then you are probably experiencing a lot of things similar to me, and that you’re used to being very, very productive.  And with a new, little person in your household it can be a bit challenging to get all those things done that you need to get done.  So here are a few tips I learned along the way and I hope they’re very helpful to you.

  • Don’t stress out if you can’t get it all done all in the same day.  I was used to getting a huge list of things done before the baby came along.  But now that is not quite so possible I have to satisfy myself with just getting the big thing done of the day and sometimes even that doesn’t even get done.
  • Learn how to multi-task so if you’re breast-feeding or feeding with the bottle try to learn how you can do that while trying to do something else.  For example, I do my computer time and my social media management and all of those wonderful writing things while I’m nursing the baby.  It makes it a lot simpler.  When I stand up I do my household stuff and when I have to sit down I do the feeding the baby stuff.   So some days there’s more feeding the baby and sitting down things and sitting down at the computer and other days I can get a lot of housework done all in one shot.
  • Enlist the help of other family members.  If you have a husband or older children at home as them to help you with the baby when you absolutely need to get away.  For instance maybe when you’re doing a client call maybe you don’t want to have the baby on the end of the line crying or wailing or eating and making some interesting baby noises.  So in that case try and get a baby sitter or someone to help you.
  • Try to get all your cooking done either at the end or the beginning of the week or during your standup time.  This is really, really helpful especially on those days when you simply cannot get up.
  • Just enjoy the ups and downs of being a new parent.  It only happens every time a new child is born in your family so enjoy those moments when you can sit down with baby, take some breaks and just look at and laugh with your baby.  And enjoy those newborn moments and as they grow older and get into their really fun ages of being several months old you’re going to look back on these memories and if you worked too hard or you stressed out because you couldn’t get stuff done you’re going to regret that.  So cherish these moments.

Now, do you have any tips for new moms or new dads who are trying to do it all and get things done while in that new phase of parenthood.  If so then just shoot me an email to mindizone@gmail.com  or leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

Now go rock your week!