Top Productivity Weapon: The Bulletproof Lifestyle

Looking for ways to increase your productivity?  Let’s talk about the Bulletproof lifestyle and what it can do to help you get stuff done. Just want to order some Bulletproof stuff without watching, click here.

And for those who prefer to read here’s the transcript:

I’m here with Mikayla.  She’s my one month old today baby girl.  So I’m very, very excited to talk about the Bulletproof lifestyle today.

The Bulletproof lifestyle allows me to improve and increase my productivity.  I really, really highly recommend it to those of you who are either entrepreneurs or just trying to get more stuff done.  One of the top things that you’ll find out about the Bulletproof lifestyle is Bulletproof coffee.  Now, because I’m a Mom and am breastfeeding Mikayla, it is not recommended to do the full Bulletproof coffee, which is basically about a tablespoon or two of butter and a tablespoon of MCT oil blended all up in the Vitamix blender, which is my favorite, or any type of blender and, there you have Bulletproof coffee.  It is amazing.

I will just say that I love Bulletproof coffee but you can also make that same drink with other beverages such as tea if you want less caffeine or you can make it a decaf coffee.  Personally I would buy everything from the Bulletproof executive* just because I do trust those products and they have less toxins in them.  So if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding I’d go that route, less caffeine is better for babies usually.

So that’s one of my tips, the Bulletproof or decaf or whatever kind of drink you want.  The MCT helps you really focus or you can use the high brain octane oil, which I like better.  I feel like my brain goes on super-drive when I take that octane oil.

The Bulletproof lifestyle is basically a way to enhance your productivity and improve all kinds of basic aspects of your life, especially I think the mental clarity is what I like most about it.  Before the Bulletproof lifestyle I thought I was productive and getting a lot of stuff done.  But now that I’m bulletproof and I’m eating a micro-toxin free diet which is basically a version of Paleo, but a little bit stricter and a little more low carb, I feel that my brain is on super-drive, and I get so much stuff done.

Even with having a new born baby where I feel like she’s breastfeeding all the time and she’s always hooked up to the boob I still feel that I have energy even with only a few hours of sleep at night, waking up several times.  And it’s just been my number one productivity tip.

If you’re trying to get started with the bulletproof lifestyle here’s what I recommend.  Start with the Bulletproof coffee, or if you’re a Mom or pregnant I’d start with something that has a little less caffeine.  Then I would start looking at the Bulletproof lifestyle diet and maybe switching over a few things.  You don’t have to go straight Bulletproof at first.  When I first started Bulletproof I started with the higher carb approach and moved into a lower carb, higher fat approach.  That helps me with my blood sugar issues and I’ve regulated that a lot better.

So Bulletproof coffee is #1 and #2 go for the diet and #3 start listening to the Bulletproof executive podcasts.  I am actually going through all the episodes a second time because I feel like I don’t catch everything the first time and I highly recommend it if you’re a podcast listener or if you like YouTube subscribe to the Bulletproof executive on YouTube.

Well it looks like that’s all the time we have this week because Mikayla is ready to go, so until next time go rock your week!

*I am an affiliate for the Bulletproof products. You can support the Mindi Zone Project by clicking over there and stocking up! :)