What Does a Great Community Manager Actually Do?

There are many misconceptions about Community Managers and what they do. But they don’t realize how much time it takes to be a great Community Manager. So today we're talking about what a great Community Manager actually does.

Many people have misconceptions about Community Managers and think that ‘Oh yea, they just send a tweet here and there, they respond to people. But they don’t realize how much time it takes to be a great Community Manager. And there is a difference between a good Community Manager, a great Community Manager and a so-so Community Manager. One thing I do pride myself in as a Marketer is my Community Management skills. That is that I’m very good a communicating with people online, giving them that warm, fuzzy feeling when they’re reading a post or read a tweet or when I reach out to them in real time. Those are some skills you want to look for in a community manager.

1) They check in with the community several times a day. What you pay can determine how much interaction you receive. Or you may find a Community Manager who wants to establish themselves by working with your brand.

2) A great community manager understands your brand voice. They probably have a different tone they use on their social channels and that is a good thing. Look for someone who can adapt to different posting styles. And find someone who is personally passionate about your brand and what your brand is passionate about. 3) They can post on all social channels in a way that is specific to that social channel. Each social channel has a different voice and you can’t post the same thing on all of them. The key is that the Community Manager can keep the brand sounding consistent on all channels but is also able to adapt per channel.

So how long does it take a Community Manager to interact with your community? This is a common misconception when it comes to managing communities. A lot of people think 15 to 20 minutes a day is all it takes to check in on a community and post a few things. But that is wrong. If I’m going to do a great job I will spend at least an hour a day interacting with my community. So make sure you are clear with your Community Manager how much time they can spend on you channels.

So those are a couple things I wanted to give you today about community management. I am going to be diving deeper into this topic as we move forward. I’m going to be working on some products and some programs on how you can manage your own communities, how you can build your own personal brand, how you can find that dream job. There are so many topics I am really excited about. If you have a question you would like me to address in an upcoming video shoot me an email at mindi@mindirosser.com. I want to hear what you want to learn about marketing especially if it has to do with social media.

Now go rock your week!