What Does a Marketer Actually Do?

Marketing. Ugh. That thing you do to dupe people into buying a worthless infoproduct? You know which one I’m talking about, the one with a sales page that’s twelve window-scrolls-long and has at least one testimonial per scroll. Yeah. That’s one reason marketing gets a bad rap.


I’ll be honest with you. I never imagined that I would ever stoop so low as to become a marketer. In my early 20s, I considered marketers to be on the same level as car salesmen--apologies if you are one, I’m not talking about you in particular. This was all before I understood what marketing is and what marketing is not.


That all changed when I up-and-quit my retirement village fitness job to become a full-time--and very unemployed--writer. What I discovered after reading dozens of books on how to write was that writing was not about [gasp] writing, it was all about marketing yourself and your work. If I wanted to get into writing, I had to master marketing first.


This discovery devastated me. I loved pouring countless hours of my day into crafting characters, plotting storylines and plastering post-it notes all over my bathroom office walls. Yes, my writing nook really was situated next to the toilet at that time.


So began my dabbling in social media. I actually opened a Twitter account and tried to figure out how to tweet. I started up a Facebook Page. I even designed, developed and launched my very own blog on Wordpress--horrendous black background and white lettering--to talk about my writing and my cultic upbringing. After six months of intense focus on learning social media marketing, I was hooked. Those novels disappeared to “simmer” on my hard drive after I landed my first gig at a marketing agency.


Once I found my knack for online community management, I could not get enough of tweetchats, Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities. All of the marketing I do is based in community: connecting real people with authentic brands/companies that I myself believe in. Because I only do marketing that matters--no fluff--I get a significant sense of satisfaction at the end of each workday. It could be as simple as one amazing tweet or one piece of content that resonated with my peeps online. I still get the “warm fuzzies” when that happens. It is confirmation that I am fulfilling my purpose.


Doing marketing that matters is my mission, my calling. I embrace it.


I found out that my initial repulsion to marketing was simply due to a misunderstanding about what a marketer actually does. So, this month in the Mindi Zone, we’ll be debunking marketing myths and chatting about what my team and I actually do on a day-to-day basis.


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