What the heck is a Wacky Writing Wriggler?

  How would you define a Wacky Writing Wriggler?  A what?…you ask! Their blogs bursting with comments, you need a gaming mouse to scroll through the comment section just to leave a blurb that you checked in.  Before you have updated your Facebook profile from that High School part-time gig, they are actively uploading valuable content on several social media platforms.  How do they become overachievers in such little time?  Morphing from a little-known MySpace user to the media dominator, they must have a few tricks to turn their fortune.


1. Start a social media platform.  

I highly recommend getting Kristen Lamb’s social media book We Are Not Alone.  This inexpensive book will guide the computer illiterate from bouts of internet-phobia into successfully managing several platforms stress-free.


2. Invest time in your platform.  

Allowing eagerness to overshadow attention to details will crush your chances for professional self-marketing.  Prior to going public with your site or profile, double-check bios, hyperlinks, syncing mechanics, widgets, and pictures.  If you would not want Granny to see that Facebook picture of you in skivvies at that slumber party, be aware that a potential client might consider this unacceptable for a professional of your status.


3. Promote yourself tactfully.  

Spamming through direct messages on Twitter is annoying to the Tweeters.  Labeling yourself as a twit-bot, you will not achieve thundering traffic to your site.  At worst, you may get reported as a spammer to Twitter.  Social media is a venue for you to act socially, as if you were meeting like-minded professionals at a business meeting.  Treat Twitter with respect.

What are some problems you have experienced with social media?  What solutions have improved your social media management?  What topics would you like addressed in future posts?