What Do You Do When Life Happens Again?


Life happens. We are all set on a routine when we get smacked in the face with a huge life event. Whether planned or unexpected, it’s still challenging to adjust. We may have had intense focus and a productivity system in place beforehand, but it all goes downhill…unless we do something about it.

That paragraph was the introduction to a blog post I wrote in February titled ‘How to Stay Productive When Life Happens’  In it I listed five tips to keep in mind.  Well life just happened for the Rossers.  As most of you know we’ve started on an adventure by downsizing to an RV and traveling the country.  But we’ve run into one obstacle that has set us back a ways.  Roaches! Yes, icky roaches!  They have moved in with us uninvited and so we need to evict them before we go any further.  So we’ll be heading back to home base for a while so we can have the RV fumigated.  So I remind you of the five steps necessary to maintain productivity when life happens.

1.       Realize that your priorities may have changed.

Believe me our priorities have changed big time!  Our priority now is get them buggers out of there.

2.       Reprioritize

That’s why were headed back home.  Time to reprioritize and make adjustments.

3.       Adjust your productivity expectations for yourself.

I don’t have any productivity when I spend all of my time watching out for critters.

4.       Follow through on your new productivity plan.

Our new productivity plan is to get back to where we don’t have any extra passengers so we can focus on our productivity.

5.       Don’t forget to schedule in some downtime.

This one is a by-product of the life happening event.  There will be no immediate downtime as we initiate the fumigation process but there will have to be some time taken for downtime as process is completed.


So what do you do when life happens?  Leave us a comment about life event that has happened to you and how you handled it.