When Minimalism Goes Too Far

People say the key to life is moderation.  Today we’re talking about how to find balance in the minimalist lifestyle.

Here’s the script for those who prefer to read:

Hey everyone! It’s Mindi Rosser and Mikayla Rosser from mindizone.com and today I’m talking about practicality versus minimalism and is there a balance?

I am a bit of an extremist myself so when I discovered minimalism I pretty much got rid of everything I owned and I had to rebuy a lot of those things because I actually used them.  What I’ve discovered in my minimalism journey is that there are some things I simply cannot do without no matter if other minimalists can.

So, for example, I like my Vitamix blender and I have tried a few times to get rid of that blender and each time I end up buying it again.  And it’s about four to five hundred dollars to rebuy it. It’s an expensive purchase and I usually end up selling it for about half that.  Therefore, lesson learned.

If you are deciding to go minimalist, don’t go too crazy at the outset.  Just start really simply and this week I wrote a blog post about, Seven Ways You Can Simplify Your Life in Five Minutes(or less).  And I hope you go and check out that blog post.  I hope you will read that and it will help you just take some baby steps no matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate or maybe you’re an expert minimalist and you can be as expert as possible.

But with a family of four and a little one it’s a little difficult some times.  So what we have done is we have what we call the pile.  So, if we have something that is not being used we throw it in the pile and then we either decide to give it away or sell it.  Sometimes things get tossed from there if there not worth giving away.  So this week my challenge to you is start a pile and see how much stuff you can put in there that you are not really using.  If you’ve used it in the last 90 days then it’s probably something you want to keep.  If you haven’t used it during that time you might want to consider tossing it out unless it’s a seasonal item.  Don’t throw away your winter boots in the middle of summer.  Yes, I have done that too.

So go start your pile and I would love to hear about and maybe you can take pictures and tweet me at @mindizone or look for me on Facebook on my Facebook page.  Or you can paste your pictures to my Facebook page in the Mindi Zone.  So until next time Mikayla and I are saying goodbye.  See you next week!