Why Did I Choose 'Marketing That Matters' Over a Six-Figure Salary

Why have I chosen marketing as my business? It’s because I believe in promoting causes I believe in, that I deeply care about. During the past few months, I have streamlined my client base to be aligned with my value system. As much as I’d like to work with everyone, it’s important to me to ONLY work with clients who are doing great work in their niche OR are supporting a cause I personally care about.  

Did this shift result in my losing a few clients? Yes, it did.


Do I regret my decision? Not at all.


Marketing often gets a negative reputation for being filled with shysters. I’ve met quite a few of them myself while working in the biz. As much as I’d like to believe that all marketers have scruples, they don’t. But, what I have discovered about the industry is that there are many other marketers, like me, who are passionate about doing “marketing that matters” to them.


Each of us has a different definition of what matters to us in marketing. While I may be excited about promoting this new optimal wellness group, a colleague might be obsessed with marketing up-and-coming authors. My point is that there is a marketer who is passionate about whatever niche YOU are in. Yes, really.


As I am developing the vision for Mindi Zone Marketing, I am noticing a gaping hole in the marketing industry. Marketers are expected to jump into any ol’ company and do great work, without ever considering whether or not they are intrinsically aligned with that client or company. This may sound a bit too ‘feely’ for you, but it’s not talked about in marketing circles. As a marketing professional, we are expected to give 110% to companies we don’t care at all about, collect their fat paycheck and be happy that we have a job.


I’ve been there and done that, which is one reason I’ve designed both my career and lifestyle around doing marketing that matters to me. Not to my boss. Not to a CEO. Not to a digital agency. But to Mindi Rosser.


This stance has gotten me into a bit of trouble at prior jobs, as I would openly question dubious tactics or inauthentic strategies. There were repercussions for voicing my conflicts of conscience, and I took full responsibility for the repercussions. I discovered that I should not have taken jobs based on whether or not I got to work with “a big name brand” or brag to my friends that I worked at a “hip SF startup.” There’s nothing wrong with either of these, but I should have dug deeper than the glitz when choosing who to work for.


I discovered why I never lasted more than 13 months in these positions. It was because I either did not believe in the company itself, or I felt that I was doing inauthentic marketing. For some marketers, that may be fine. For me, it was not.


My solution came when I began freelancing as a marketer. I began to screen every potential client to ensure I really am aligned with their mission, what they represent and what their intentions are for their business. This completely opposed my prior modus operandi of accepting any client who had the funds to allocate to marketing.


Is this a six-figure, money-making strategy for me? Not right now. I took a 50% pay cut to follow through with my decision to be selective and only do marketing that matters. But, in living out my values, I have experienced a deep satisfaction in the work I do now. I would not trade my freedom to live my passion for anything, no matter how prestigious the position.


Marketing matters more to me now than it ever did, and my vision is to create a community where awesome, meaningful businesses can be matched up with a marketer who is already passionate about their niche. In the next few years, I would like to turn this vision into a reality.


Your Turn: What type of marketing matters most to you? If you are a marketer and could choose any niche, what would it be?