Why en*theos is my new favorite social network!

Need an inspiring way to start your day. We’re talking about the new social network en*theos and the inspiration they provide.

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read: Hey everyone, it’s Mindi Rosser from mindizone.com where we do marketing that matters. I’m here with Mikayla, she’s my six month old and we are in our truck while my husband is washing the truck. You may hear a little bit of background noise but in the Mindi Zone, we keep it raw. When you are a work shifter you get to work in a lot of different environments and doing so and learning how to be flexible is really, really important.

Anyhow, today I’m talking about en*theos as you can see on my tee shirt. And what en*theos is, they are a new social network and it’s all about positive motivation. I’ve actually replaced my checking Facebook first thing in the morning to checking en*theos first thing in the morning because it is so inspiring. My favorite part about en*theos and Oasis, which is their social media component, is the question of the day. That gets me off to a really great start. It’s always something inspiring or something that is motivational or makes me think about life and I LOVE that. And so I answer that question of the day and I engage with other people about their answers to the question of the day. And it can be anything from, ‘what motivates you’, ‘what is your intention for the day’, ‘who is somebody that inspires you and why’. And I think that’s a great way to start the day.

So today I’m telling you to go check out en*theos, view a quick video, because we’re in an interesting situation here with Mikayla. She’s all excited about the car wash happening in the background. So this is where we keep it real in the Mindi Zone and we do work shifting and we record videos from wherever and whenever we can.

I can’t wait to see you guys next week. If you’re interested in joining my marketing team I am hiring right now. And especially looking for high school interns and I’ve also added a designer to my list of people I am searching for. So please reach out to me at Mindi Zone. You can tweet me at @mindrrosser or shoot me an email. We’ll see you next week and hopefully the background noise will be a little better.