Why We Ditched Our Vision Board

You’ve seen the vision boards, haven’t you? The ones with all the pictures of beautiful things, shiny cars, big houses and American dreams. You’re supposed to look at them each day and manifest what you want to happen in your life. Been there. Done that. Don’t get me wrong. I think they are all fine and dandy. They could even be inspirational and beautiful, like some really cool boards on Pinterest. My problem with vision boards is that there are no “to do” or “action items” associated with them. To achieve that dream, you MUST take action. Vision boards are only the first piece of the puzzle.

Jason—my hubby—and I decided we needed an Action Board to bring our Vision Board to life. Here’s how we did it, in case you want to start yourself an Action Board, too.

  • Choose one goal. Pick one item off your Vision Board that you’re ready to achieve.
  • Decide how long will it take to reach your goal. We decided it would take us about 20 weeks to hit our goal.
  • Build a board. Since Jason’s a carpenter by trade, he designed and built us a fancy Action Board. 
  • Divide up your board into sections. We divided it up into 20 boxes and left a big rectangle for an inspirational statement. You could even put the picture of your end goal in the big rectangle.
  • Write down action steps. Each week, every person in our family writes down their action steps that they are individually taking to reach our family goal.
  • Check-in weekly. At the end of the week, we check off the actions that we accomplished that week. Hopefully, we check off all the boxes, but setbacks do happen. Make the action steps for next week.
  • Repeat until the goal is reached.

Ta-da! That’s how we “make things happen" at the Rossers. Sure, we first need a vision, but it’s the action steps that bring it to reality.

Your Turn: How do you turn your visions into reality? Tweet me or email me to tell me how you do it!