Why You Should Be Using Asana for Project Management

You’re an online organizer. You love your to-do lists. You’ve tried all sorts of methods, from Eat That Frog to Getting Things Done. You are obsessed with new productivity apps. Project management is either a hobby, your full-time job or is just something you need to run your business. Sound like you?  

Then, you need to try Asana.

I’ve tried all sorts of apps to manage projects: Basecamp, Teamwork, Evernote, Post-It Notes, Lists and more that I cannot even recall. The one I am most in love with right now is Asana.

Here are my reasons why.

It’s free. Before I buy any type of subscription, software or online product, I like to try them out for free. The best thing about Asana is that it stays free until you want to have more than 12 users and want to have multiple, customized workspaces.

It’s intuitive. Some systems are so complicated that you must spend a few hours just reading the manual before you even are able to understand the tool. Asana is like the “Apple computer” of project management systems. It’s just so darn easy to use.

It’s beautiful. The interface is so easy on the eyes, that it’s hard to go back to a Basecamp or a Teamwork interface. Even Evernote is very cluttered these days because of “too much” functionality. Simple is beautiful.

It’s easy to integrate team members. Right now in the Mindi Zone, we have a team of six people. Whenever we add someone new to the team, we add them to Asana. At first, they are a bit worried about how to navigate the system, but they get the hang of it quickly--AND actually use it!

It’s customizable. If you never want to log in to Asana itself, you can have everything go through emails. This is a fantastic option for those who prefer to use their email inbox as their project management system. I personally would rather have everything in Asana to keep my inbox clean, but it works well both ways.

It’s integrates with lots of apps. If you are an optimization and automation nerd, like Ari Meisel, you will love this feature. You can set up all sorts of nerdy automations between Asana and scores of other apps using a tool like Zapier.

It keeps you from missing deadlines. Because of all the reminder features, you can be sure that you will never miss a deadline. I set up all my marketing milestones and marketing strategy projects in here. Asana keeps me accountable and ensures I don’t skip a step.

It’s lovable. Not many apps are what I’d call “lovable,” but Asana is. After one week of using Asana as my project management tool, I have never even wanted to try another app. Nothing has the functionality, the beauty, the aura or the interface of Asana.

Okay. Okay. I’ll stop gushing about Asana, but seriously, you should try it. I’d recommend following Natalie Sisson’s Free Guide to Setting Up and Using Asana if you’re justing getting started. Her guide was a godsend, as I was unsure where to start and how best to use Asana for managing my virtual team and getting things done. Your Turn: What tool or app or system do YOU use to keep track of all your projects? I’d love to hear what works for you!