Why Your Antagonist Should Be Your Best Friend

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Every story also has at least one protagonist (main character, usually good or worth cheering on) and antagonist (opposes the main character in some way). In the beginning of every saga in our lives, we (the protagonist) become aware of our antagonist. In other words, we face resistance. No, this is not another rant about “overcoming obstacles” or “hurtling over resistance.” I’ve read more of those articles than I can count. *yawn*

Thing is, we’re all going to meet up with our antagonist(s) along the way. Without an antagonist, you have no story. Instead of preparing to combat your antagonist, why not become besties? That’s what we Gen Y’ers call our best friends.

Weird, right?

Shake hands with your antagonist. Welcome it to your story. Thank it for being the catalyst that will propel you to your destination.

That’s just what we’ve done during the past two weeks. We became well-acquainted and turned into besties. Here’s how it happened.

As most of you know, we purposely downsized our California lifestyle to embrace a simpler life in the Midwest. We bought another beautiful home here, and were well on our way towards saving for some renovations. We were reveling in our successes. Then, the antagonists arrived.

  • Moving expenses were a bit more than expected. Cha-ching!
  • Business slowed a bit during the summer. Not as much savings available.
  • Doggie needed a vet visit for an inflamed foot. Cha-ching!
  • And to cap it off, I found out I was expecting...again [hush, hush.] My second unplanned pregnancy with an IUD!

At first, my husband and I started to feel the overwhelm and a tad bit of depression. We had been “doing so well towards meeting our goals.” Last thing we needed were a few setbacks. But after a couple days, we regrouped and decided a truce with these antagonists was in order.

We’ve been able to ride the waves through each of these items. Funny thing is that our finances seem to be holding up, with only a niggle needed here and there to make budget. By making friends with the antagonists and not letting them stress us out, we are gaining more clarity about exactly why we are following our dreams. We are growing closer as a family and more determined than ever.

Your Turn: Have you ever met up with an antagonist (or two, or three) when you made a big decision? How did you handle it?