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I know the struggle very well. You’re a dedicated solopreneur or small to medium-sized business owner looking to...

(1) Build a rock-solid personal brand on LinkedIn and

(2) Grow a stable network.

The problem is you just don’t seem to have enough hours in a day to consistently and regularly devote to your business to produce exciting results, week after week, month in, month out.

I get it. It feels extremely frustrating, time-consuming and daunting to...

1. Actively engage with like-minded prospects

2. Create fresh, and enticing updates

3. Increase visibility

4. Expand your network, and

5. Accelerate brand growth.

And since all LinkedIn users daily face these major challenges, and require professional assistance in solving their principal marketing problems, you will be thrilled to hear about my ‘done-for-you’ service providing LinkedIn profile management and expert assistance.

This offer will free up your time to focus on the other things you love most, and will help generate significant results with less effort, attention and energy from you.

Here’s what you will receive with this ‘Done-For-You’ Profile Management Service IF your application is accepted:

(1) Consistent status updates for your personal LinkedIn profile

Why is this so important?

Posting content frequently helps your profile become more visible where it will be noticed by the right prospects and influencers outside your network.

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(2) Consistent company page updates

Why is this so essential?

Posting company updates on a regular basis (weekly, at the bare minimum) ensures that your brand attracts the attention of your target audience, as well as build key connections within your industry.

(3) LinkedIn group monitoring

Why is this so necessary?

Deciding which LinkedIn groups to avoid and which are worth active participation, provides you with multiple opportunities to engage in vibrant discussions, comment on relevant posts, as well as accelerate your visibility and brand growth.

(4) LinkedIn group management

Why is this so critical?

If you already own/manage a LinkedIn group or want to start one, then I can be a reliable community manager for your group. I will approve new members, watch for new posted conversations, remove spam comments, and update your group with red-hot topics to boost your profile and brand awareness.

(5) LinkedIn group analysis/recommendations (biannual)

Why is this so significant?

I analyze your industry LinkedIn groups to decide which groups are growing, and which groups are still valuable (i.e. have target prospects/industry connections). Additionally, I also determine how to fully leverage each group for bottom-line results.

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(6) LinkedIn activity & messaging management

Why is this so vital?

Crafting compelling messages, sending them at the right time and track responses is another reason why LinkedIn can be a goldmine for your brand and business.

(7) LinkedIn strategy

Why is this so crucial?

Having a simple, 1-2-3 strategy helps you monitor your effort and actions, and keeps you accountable to achieve your goals faster and better. That’s why I recommend that you book a call with me after you fill out the form at the bottom.

(8) LinkedIn Pulse management

Why is this so decisive?

Imagine having your content exposed to a massive audience. Posting highly-engaging, and uber-relevant information on LinkedIn Pulse (at least once a month) enables you share insider tips and be perceived as a thought leader in your space. This way, your content will receive the attention it deserves, and extend its reach.

(9) Inbound connections management

Why is this so vital?

Keeping an eye on those who send you new LinkedIn connection requests can be a goldmine of fresh prospects and influent professionals. The challenge is to identify and remove the spam, and non-relevant connections, and only accept the valid ones.

(10) LinkedIn group discussion writing/scheduling/posting

Why is this so paramount?

This is my favorite, and the area where you should spend most of your time on. It’s important that you create vibrant discussions based on your content, approve them, schedule when to post them, and then actually post them to LinkedIn using appropriate tagging and hashtags. If done frequently, this will help catapult your brand and network.

BONUS: LinkedIn monthly report

Why is this so useful?

You’ll receive a ‘Performance Report’ Google spreadsheet to help you keep track of your progress.

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P.S. Here are other related activities you may need to help expand your influence, credibility, and pipeline on LinkedIn which are not covered by the offer above:

  • Writing/Sending Connection Requests

  • LinkedIn Weekly Reports

  • Writing/Sending Prospecting Messages

  • LinkedIn Profile Reboot (reworking LinkedIn profile)

  • Additional LinkedIn Accounts (at a discounted rate)

P.P.S. You can read more about my unique LinkedIn brand-building approach here and how it can help propel your brand.

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