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Paid Social Media Interview - Matt Kelly, Golin - Mindi Rosser Marketing

Why Paid Social Media Will Increase Your Reach and Scale

Ever get the feeling that you are the only company not using paid social media? Or that you are wasting those hard-earned social advertising dollars and getting a shabby return on investment? You’re not the only one. I’ve wasted my fair share on Facebook and Twitter ads and wondered what exactly went wrong, and IRead More >

3 Keys to Social Selling - Bobby Umar

How to Leverage Social Selling with Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar joins us via video today to discuss three very important aspects to keep in mind when designing a social selling program.   1.Social media is not a place to overtly sell. You are building your brand, concepts and awareness on social media. Then, you transition prospects to a place where you can sellRead More >

Discover Exactly How to Google Yourself Now [Infographic]

On the path to protecting and improving your reputation, Googling yourself is one of the most important things you can do. It’s the first step to a better reputation, since you’ll have to know what you’re up against before you can take action. Getting started can be as simple as typing your name into GoogleRead More >

Social Media Marketing ROI - Social Advertising ROI - Gene Davis - Visibly Social

How to Calculate Your Social Media Marketing and Social Advertising ROI

Social media ROI is a hot topic for businesses. Has your business ever wasted resources on social media marketing internally? Or, hired a social media marketing expert who didn’t deliver actual business results? Whether you are investing your own time or a good chunk of change into your social media marketing programs, you expect a healthyRead More >

Social Selling Secrets - Elinor Stutz - Mindi Rosser

Elinor Stutz Shares Insider Secrets for Social Selling Success

Elinor Stutz, social selling expert and sales thought leader, chats about the ins-and-outs of social selling from a sales perspective in this interview. Discover how entrepreneurs, small businesses, consultants and lean sales teams can make the most of social selling.   What sparked your interest in social selling? The moment social media was announced, IRead More >

Instagram Social Media Marketing B2B - Mindi Rosser

Should Your Business Be Active on Instagram in 2017?

Wondering whether your business should be active on Instagram in 2017? It’s a question I get asked frequently by B2B companies, and I don’t have a solid answer. Not yet. For 98% of B2C brands and companies, I think that Instagram is essential. If a B2C business wants to reach the consumers, it’s a no-brainerRead More >

Done For You Services Business Growth - Mindi Rosser

How to Build a Scalable Done For You Services Business

If you’ve ever been a consultant, you know the pitfalls of providing Done For You Services. It’s the same old song and dance where you work so hard to get a potential client on the phone with you. On that discovery call, you pitch them your services. They counter, telling you how their business isRead More >

How to Get People to Read Your Blog - Catherine Carrigan

11 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog by Catherine Carrigan

Catherine Carrigan teaches businesses how to win at the game of social media, and she joins us today to share eleven ways to get people to read your blog.   If a blog falls in the forest and nobody hears it, what good does it do in terms of marketing? None at all, of course! “BeforeRead More >

Online Interact Quiz Instructions - Mindi Rosser

How to Make Your First Interactive Online Quiz to Generate Leads

If your business is interested in lead generation, you’ve likely heard that online quizzes can make for an interactive lead magnet. I’ve been on the lookout for a great online quiz too when I came across Interact. An online quiz that easily integrates with Mailchimp? Sign me up!   What Exactly Is Interact? Interact isRead More >

Social Media Facts - Infographic - Mindi Rosser

115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

The influence of social media is so overwhelming that it is hard to believe all of the big social media sites are only a decade old. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms have the power to influence not only people’s social lives, but almost every aspect of the private and professional sphere. NumberRead More >