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Newsletter Growth Hack LinkedIn Connections - Mindi Rosser

Grow Your Email Newsletter List 2126% With Your LinkedIn Connections

One of the most successful authentic marketing tactics I’ve used in the last twelve months is leveraging my LinkedIn connections to grow my email list. With a network of nearly 3,000 relevant LinkedIn connections compared to my starting list of 74 email subscribers, I knew there was potential for me to merge the two. TheRead More >

Social Media Marketing Consultant - Mindi Rosser Marketing

What Your Social Media Marketing Consultant Will Never Tell You

Too many companies try to outsource their social media in hopes that a social media expert, like me, will care about their brand just as much as they do. I hate to break it to you, but no consultant will ever care as much about your brand as you do… even those of us whoRead More >

How to Build Social Selling Program with LinkedIn and Twitter

How to Build Your Social Selling System with LinkedIn and Twitter

It’s no longer enough to do social media marketing and hope that your company’s inbound marketing strategy generates leads, who turn into qualified prospects and eventual buyers. If you fail to craft a dynamic social selling strategy and implement that plan, your efforts on social media will fall flat. Social selling is the next evolutionRead More >

How to Launch and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel

The internet has toppled the traditional ladder to success, exploding old hierarchies of agents and contracts by allowing creatives of all ages to broadcast from self-defined platforms. No online community bears the fruits of this limitless possibility like YouTube. Since its inception in 2005, the video-sharing site has allowed the weird, the hilarious, and theRead More >

Network Marketing - Lisa Machac - Mindi Rosser Marketing

Network Marketing: A Lucrative Option for the Savvy Social Media Strategist

Affiliate and influencer marketing are now recognized as viable, and potentially lucrative, methods for bloggers and freelancers to boost their income, but network marketing is often overlooked as ways to increase revenue. As a freelance writer and blogger, I use network marketing to bring in an additional $2,000 per month, but I find that whenRead More >

Remote Worker Productivity - Jim Stern

How to Stay Productive as a Remote Worker with Jim Stern

Remote work is a hot topic for many business owners and marketers. No longer is an office required to accomplish great work or collaborate with the best minds in the industry. Ever wonder what it was like to work remotely before computers were popular? I got the chance to connect with Jim Stern, a remoteRead More >

Social Media Strategy - Bianca Lynch

3 Key Ingredients For A Successful Social Media Strategy

These key takeaways apply to anyone, selling any product or service at any stage of their social media strategy. Businesses big and small, listen up. 1. Be An Audience First When I attended Social Media Marketing World 2016, one of the things social media keynote speaker, author and consultant Mark Schaefer said that stuck with me was thatRead More >

Social Media Management Tools - Mindi Rosser

What can go wrong with social media management tools?

Have you ever used a social media management tool that promised to deliver magnanimous results “on autopilot”? Who doesn’t want to try the latest social media management tool? What these tools don’t tell you is that things can go terribly wrong. And when they do, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Those ofRead More >

Social Media Strategy - Bianca Lynch - Mindi Rosser Marketing

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Social Media Strategy

Now that you know your audience and you’re sharing interactive, engaging content, here are other common mistakes to avoid, and how you can better optimize your social efforts.   1. You don’t know the difference between organic and paid While you may know the definition of organic and paid social media advertising, you may not fully understandRead More >

Entrepreneur - Social Media - Bianca Lynch

3 Big Reasons Social Media is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Most entrepreneurs understand the value of incorporating a social media strategy into their business plan. But as I meet more and more of you, I’ve discovered that when it comes to implementing, many of you are either nowhere to be found on social media or your social channels have clearly been neglected. I believe thisRead More >