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Social Selling

It is no longer enough to invest in social media marketing and hope that your company’s inbound marketing strategy generates leads, who turn into qualified prospects and eventual buyers. If you fail to craft a dynamic social selling strategy and implement that plan, your efforts on social media will fall flat.

If you’re like many sales and marketing leaders, you are eager to design, develop and execute programs that impact the company’s bottom line. You are searching for the most effective tips and tricks — no fluff — only what works.

That’s what you’ll get here: straight talk about social selling.

Social ROI

Investing in social media marketing should be a smart investment, not a shot in the dark where you hope it all works. You must be able to justify the ROI of your social media programs and campaigns. What doesn’t get measured cannot be improved.

Fluffy vanity metrics, like website traffic and followers, will not necessarily translate to Social ROI. You need a formula that works and KPIs that matter. Get the buy-in and budget you need to justify your spend.

Get a deeper understanding of Social ROI and amplify your efforts.

Social Strategy

Are your social media marketing and social selling programs aligned with your sales and marketing programs? This is often a big disconnect for companies. Sales and marketing alignment is critical when it comes to launching a successful social strategy.

Whether your goal is to build a strong employee advocacy program or equip your salespeople with the tools they need to do social selling well, you must unify your strategy. Discovering how to make social a win-win for both organizations is the key.

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of how sales and marketing alignment supercharges a social strategy.

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