Get The Truth About 3-Day Weekends

When it comes to building a great business or career, effectiveness is everything. I have been exploring a few productivity hacks lately, and the 3-day weekend caught my eye. Here's what I learned.

A national holiday that extends the weekend – who doesn’t love that? A three-day weekend equals more quality time spent with your family and friends, doing what you enjoy most. So, what if we could have a 3-day weekend on a regular basis?

Research Findings

Apparently, studies in the realms of medicine, organizational psychology, sleep and cognitive science suggest one thing: a shorter week maximizes your productivity at work while enhancing your health and general wellbeing. Researchers indicate that working long hours leaves little time for relaxation, not to mention that it harms your health.

Based on a meta-analysis, the individuals who worked longer hours were more likely to suffer from strokes, by 33 percent. Plus, they also were at a higher risk of developing heart disease, in comparison with other study participants. Another risk is acquiring Type 2 Diabetes that is normally caused by high-stress levels.

Still, in spite of this information, statistics tell us that 50 percent of full-time employees work late hours (more than 40 hours). In other words, our society is overworked.

At the end of the day, a question imminently follows: is it worth it? As recently outlined, working late hours doesn’t translate into a boost in productivity. On the opposite, productivity levels seem to increase when the schedule isn’t overcrowded.

What About the Benefits?

As a result, numerous companies based in the U.S. have already implemented the 3-day weekend. Based on this report, 43 percent of the firms that participated in the study provided compressed worksheets to their employees.

What they found is amazing. Productivity boosted by 20 percent while minimizing absenteeism by 9 percent. That’s because employees have the chance of doing the things they enjoy most, such as traveling, reading, hiking, biking and so on.

So, do you wish to enjoy these benefits as well? Why not implement this change? Check out this infographic to find out more about the benefits of having a 3-day weekend.