How To Rock Your B2B Content Planning and Content Marketing with CoSchedule

How To Rock Your B2B Content Planning and Content Marketing with CoSchedule

If your business does content marketing or social media marketing, you’ve likely heard of CoSchedule. For those of us who like to keep it simple, we are on the lookout for robust all-in-one tools. Social media scheduling AND content planning in one tool? Sign me up! Those two features initially drew me to CoSchedule.


CoSchedule is a crazy-easy editorial calendar that helps you to plan out your content, write your content and then promote your content on social media.


With CoSchedule, you can view your content marketing calendar (and your social media posts) in one place, the CoSchedule Calendar. I like the fact that I can visually see what I need to write and what is being promoted in one place, rather than using an Excel spreadsheet for an editorial calendar and navigating to Buffer to see my social queue. Saving a few steps can make all the difference when you need to pump out content!


With CoSchedule, you can write your content within the tool itself. That’s why they created a built-in content editor. No more messy writing in a Word doc and trying to copy-and-paste it into a Wordpress blog. I prefer to use Google Docs for creating content, and CoSchedule integrates with both Google Docs and Evernote. 


Connect all of your social channels to CoSchedule to get your social marketing aligned with your content production schedule. This is one area where many content and social marketers fall short because they use multiple tools, and it’s easy for a blog post to not be promoted effectively or get missed altogether.

You can also sync your Wordpress blog with CoSchedule to easily promote (past and future) content. If you’re like me, you like to write your social media messages before your content is published. No other social schedulers (that I know of!) allow you to do that. CoSchedule does.



I found it really easy to set up CoSchedule, though plan to spend a few hours on an afternoon getting started. You’ll want to immerse yourself in their tutorials to walk you through the process.

Think of CoSchedule like your project management tool for your content. When I decided I wanted to create more content and start guest posting for other sites regularly, I tried to manage all of it within OmniFocus, my project management system. That was a disaster. OmniFocus is good for many things, but content planning and production is not one of them.

Here’s how I use CoSchedule for content planning:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

  2. In the “Create New” window, choose Content (or Wordpress).

  3. Then, just fill out this information: title, short description, author/owner and date to publish (if you have one in mind).

  4. Click “Save as Draft.”

  5. Done!


I’m not yet a pro when it comes to social scheduling, but here’s a good overview of that process.


What about you? Which tools are you using to plan out and promote your content? Would you be interested in trying out CoSchedule? Tweet me your thoughts @mindirrosser or shoot me an email to

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