7 Steps to Get Back to Your Creative Project

7 Steps to Get Back to Your Creative Project

Has it been a while since you've worked on your creative project? How do you get back to a project after not working on it for a long time? Here are my seven simple steps to get back on track!

1. Read through everything you've written.

If you haven't written too much, this won't take long. If you're an extensive plotter (like me), there may be a lot here.

2. Do a movie dissection of a similar story.

I found this is a great trigger to get "thinking in story" format again. It's a way to tell your brain to hear dialogue, see scenes and visualize characters in action.

3. Daydream with your characters.

This is easy to do while you're driving, running errands or doing mindless housework.

4. Review all your research.

If your book required a lot of up-front research, this may take a while, but don't skip this crucial step.

5. Look at Pinterest for inspiration.

This is one of my favorite steps—just don't waste too many hours on Pinterest!

6. Figure out what needs to be done next.

Make a list of everything you need to do. I like to use Asana to keep track of my lists.

7. Create a writing playlist.

This immediately tells my brain that it's writing time: nothing else matters.

Now, it's time to get started! Don't start too big, feeling you need to spend huge chunks of time on your WIP. Start with achievable 30-minute increments. This also helps you to get into the mindset and activates your subconscious to start working on your story behind the scenes.

Your Turn: What helps you to get back to your creative writing project? Tweet me or email meyour top tips!

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