How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Traffic and Build Your Brand

How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Traffic and Build Your Brand

Whether you are from a B2B company or B2C company, you should know that the customers you are targeting are people.

Therefore, the marketing strategies you employ should be solely focused on the Interest and attention of people. Real live people.

Most marketers tend to think that the techniques used often differ depending on the type of company involved. More so in the field of communication, strict professionalism was observed.

This limited the information which could be shared. Some information would be considered too personal when in the real sense it is a valuable piece of information which when shared could inform and inspire other people.

This makes it stand out as the best social site for business networking. It has carved out its reputation as the platform for professionals to learn, stay informed and be connected.

So, what makes LinkedIn stand out from other social media platforms? What makes it be considered the best business social networking site?

The following reasons have propelled LinkedIn’s reputation:

  • Acquisition and integration of other content services.

  • Ability to expand the scope of professional conversation to include content previously considered personal

  • Presence of more than 100 million professional users.

  • The strategic marketing value of high quality to enhance brand recognition.

Most people trust a brand’s social media compared to its advertising. Moreover, of other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is more trusted.

This is according to a Digital Trust Report of the Business Insider. This is a massive opportunity for brands to grasp and build their reputation.

Using LinkedIn to Build a Brand

Embrace LinkedIn.

I earlier stated the fact that people (the audience/ consumers you seek) trust a brand’s social media, more than its advertising. For this reason, you need to embrace LinkedIn and create a professional profile with them. Your profile should be professional as it represents you and your brand.

After creating a profile, you need to create exquisite content for your brand’s LinkedIn page. This is because before a person engages with any brand on its platform, they consume a minimum of three pieces of content.

Therefore if the content you create on the LinkedIn profile is below average, the chances of consumer engagement are reduced drastically.

Be Active - “Always On”

LinkedIn should not just be occasionally used when time and other resources allow. You should always strive to be “always on’ and visible at all times.

This is because any B2B buyer consumes a maximum of 10 content pieces during a purchase process.  The only way for you (and your brand) to be considered is to always be visible.

This strategy also helps consumers build trust in your brand. Furthermore, it creates a role of leadership in your niche and top authority to own certain keywords and key topics.

Clearly State the Information your employees can Share

According to the PBNPIlot  report of 2018, the majority of readers trust the advice and information they receive from an employee of a company more than the CEO.

Despite this fact, a mere 3% of employees share content relevant to the company. Companies and their leadership, therefore, need to give directions to their employees on the content they can share to build both their personal brand and the company’s reputation.

Using LinkedIn to Boost Traffic

Viral Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn is an effective lead generation tool for marketers and online entrepreneurs. You can convince an audience to follow a link to your website or wherever the lead can be captured.

This requires that you have an equal balance to know the content your audience will consume on their social media feed and the right time to drive them from one platform to a different one.

Create a very creative content’

You must strive to create very high-quality content which can capture and maintain the attention and interest of your audience. As earlier elaborated, people consume up to at least 3 pieces of content before interaction with a brand on their platform.

You should create new pieces of interesting content because this reinforces the idea into a person’s mind. The more interesting the new pieces of content are, the more the people you attract to your platform.

Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated Projects who help businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.

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