My 30-Day Experiment Doing Seth Godin's altMBA6

I’m on a mission. A mission to prove that it IS possible to hack life. As I am writing this, I am sipping a cup of Yerba Mate tea for enhancing my focus and fat-burning while nursing my four-month-old baby boy to sleep. It is not easy being a WAHM with ambition. When I experience frustration, it’s because I’ve failed to achieve goals I’ve set for myself. I get to the end of the day and find myself more focused on what I did not get done rather than the successes I had that day. Have you ever felt the same way? If you’re a Type A, like me, it’s inevitable.

Beginning today, I will be engaged in the altMBA6 program with about 100 other rockstars intent on learning how to do the following:

altmba6 - Mindi Rosser
altmba6 - Mindi Rosser

During this 30-day sprint, I have also chosen to embrace these other challenges:

I've opted to take on an A-list client.

I am starting to learn Olympic weightlifting.

I am dieting down and training to compete in a Figure Competition.

I am meticulously prepping all my meals to meet my macros.

I am focused on exclusively breastfeeding till the 6-months-old mark.

I am writing one blog per week.

I am guest blogging once per month.

I am publishing on the LinkedIn platform once per month.

I am launching an Influencer Program.

I am launching a Media Outreach Program.

I like to push my limits to find out what is possible and which things actually push me over the brink. In this exploration, I can discover ways to embrace and accept constraints. I will become a stronger person as a result. There IS a way to do it all without going crazy.

It's about scheduling and asking for help.

I have asked my 13-year-old daughter and my husband for extra help this month. It is impossible to continue doing everything I’ve always done AND to add these challenges to the mix. Something’s got to give time-wise. I’m grateful to have a family who supports me during times of intense pressure.

For the next four weeks, I’ll be checking in to let you know how it’s going, what I’m learning and strategies I’m using to manage multiple priorities. Here goes!

Your Turn: Have you ever considered running a 30-Day Experiment to push yourself to the brink of what is possible? Which activities would you choose? What would you like to accomplish by the end of the month? Tweet me your thoughts or shoot me an email.