truBrain Review: Biohack Your Coffee with L-Theanine and Alpha GPC

Are you searching for the ultimate coffee to jumpstart your day? As a Bulletproof coffee fan, I’m always looking for ways to upgrade my morning cup o’ joe to improve my performance and enhance my focus.

If you haven’t yet heard of truBrain, they are one of the cutting-edge companies intent on helping people achieve outstanding performance through supplementation. After tuning in to several interviews with truBrain leaders across the web, my interest was piqued. They’re not just out to make a buck with low-quality products. Their products really work and are made with only the best ingredients.

I’ve tried nearly all of their products, my latest biohacking adventure being their brüd Performance Coffee. This coffee is anything but ordinary, and I dare you to try it.

The experience. As a marketer by trade, I pay close attention to the branding and packaging of the products I purchase. Though packaging is not the primary factor in purchasing a product, it does make for a pleasant experience when you receive items by mail. Their coffee arrived on-time, an important factor to consider when you don’t want to run out of coffee! The box of coffee looks just like a gift box, as they pay attention to details like using a classy tie to hold the focus sticks together and making sure everything fit snugly into the box. It even came with a glossy directions pamphlet. Impressed.

The beans. Though I do not claim to be a coffee connoisseur, I am very sensitive to any beans laced with mycotoxins. I will typically get a headache along with a nasty side of the jitters. No jitters and no headaches with these beans. They go through a special cold marinade pre-roasting process, which creates a delicious tasting coffee. No bitter aftertaste. I like to pre-grind my coffee beans a few days in advance but find that many coffee beans lose their freshness after being ground. I could not tell the difference between the pre-ground and freshly ground beans. Win-win.

The focus stick. The focus stick is what makes the coffee special. Whether you add it to a batch of black coffee or a cup of Bulletproof coffee, it gives you an extra edge. The stick has a mix of L-Theanine and Alpha-GPC, which turns your ordinary coffee into a nootropics stack. I noticed that the addition of the focus stick allowed me to drink my coffee later in the day without having issues falling (or staying) asleep. I’ve even added the focus stick to a cup of Yerba Mate, which gave me similar results. Win-win.

The one thing that could be improved with the focus stick is the design. It’s all too easy to snip off the top of the stick and have it land in your cup of coffee. Not fun trying to skim through your brew to find it.

The brew. I like to brew mine with either the pour-over method or using an aeropress. My husband prefers using the Keurig coffeemaker, and I’ve found it tastes great no matter which method I use.

The results. What mosts matters to me are results. No matter how good my coffee tastes, I won’t continue drinking it unless I get the performance-enhancing results I’m after. If I compared a cup of black brüd Performance Coffee + focus stick against a cup of Bulletproof coffee, I feel a longer-lasting buzz with the Bulletproof coffee. But, if I add the focus stick TO my Bulletproof coffee, I notice a significant improvement in my productivity levels and focus. I’d consider it a great way to upgrade a cup of Bulletproof coffee.

I save my focus sticks for the days when I either need to drink an afternoon cup of coffee (to avoid the insomnia side effects of afternoon caffeine) or when I need to stay focused for long periods of time after my morning cup of coffee.

So, there you have it. A new way to biohack your current coffee habit. Turn that coffee habit into one of your productivity hacks!

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Your Turn: Are you using any supplements or add-ins to boost the results you get from your coffee (or tea)? I’d love to hear what you’re using and why!