Why Your Most Important Social Media Channel is LinkedIn

Why Your Most Important Social Media Channel is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no longer the place to post your resume and hope a recruiter finds you.

Instead, LinkedIn has become the best place to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, or thought leader.

I can already feel some of you recoil at the term thought leader.

What comes to mind for me is a toothy Tony Robbins grin and a tango line of firewalkers. (No offense to you Tony Robbins fans.)

But, that’s not what I’m talking about.


  • Sharing what you know with others

  • Being generous

  • Giving people shortcuts

  • Helping others reach their goals

  • Always learning

  • Commitment to excellence in your field

  • Securing your future and opportunities

  • Positioning yourself for that next job or business

  • ...and more

Unless you have grandiose visions of yourself on a TED stage, you may not have ever considered investing time in thought leadership.

Becoming a true thought leader is not an outward expression of a “me-centric” personal brand.

Instead, it’s all about sharing what you know with others and becoming their go-to resource.

And what better place to start than LinkedIn?

I hear so many marketing experts advising people to get their own website and “brand themselves” online. But, that’s a LOT of work for anyone who’s not 100% sure they want to build their own business.

What I usually recommend to those who want to advance their careers, get the attention of potential clients, or just look good online is to focus on optimizing your LinkedIn profile. That’s it.

There’s no design, development, search engine optimization, url purchases, personal branding plans, or any other marketing gobbledy-goop necessary.

It’s just this one simple step: rewrite your LinkedIn profile.

And, for those of you who like to DIY, it will take you approximately three hours total with this formula. That’s it.

No money out of pocket. No expensive consultants necessary.

I’m on a mission to get more people, like us, to rewrite our LinkedIn profiles. Why?

So many of us have talents that we are not sharing with the world because we simply don’t take the time to write down what we do best and put it up on our LinkedIn profiles.

You’d be surprised how many collaboration opportunities, cool people and amazing jobs you are missing out on because your LinkedIn profile looks dead.

And, if you’re at a loss for how to get started with your rewrite, I’m happy to help. Comment below with a link to your LinkedIn profile, and I’ll give it a look and share my top recommendations to get you started. :)

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