You Too Deserve an Expert Social Media Coach, Dedicated to Free Up Your Time and Help Build a Complete, Personal Brand-Growth Strategy

Let’s Transform Your LinkedIn + Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Profiles Into Profit-Generating Machines Starting This Month

Are you ready to use social media to your ultimate advantage and build a rock-solid brand, business, practice or career?

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I understand the sacrifice that is required. You’re a hard working professional struggling to grow your online business, practice, brand, career or influence.

However, you just don’t seem to have sufficient hands-on social media experience or enough hours in a day to consistently and regularly devote to your social media platforms to continuously generate positive ROI.

I get it! It feels extremely frustrating, time-consuming and daunting to...

#1 - Set up and then optimize your social channels to ensure that they look professional, and provide you with ongoing, significant results;

#2 - Craft a personalized, 1-2-3, future-proof social media strategy, and

#3 - Systemize your social channels to comprehensively track, monitor and enhance your activity, therefore generating a strong impact and sustainable returns on investment.

In your quest for personal branding excellence, you require dedicated, expert HELP and COACHING to grow your online presence and accomplish the outcomes mentioned above, right?

OK! Then, here’s what you will receive IF your application is accepted:

For only $500 (I usually charge $150 per hour), you’ll receive a package containing 5 hours of one-on-one social media coaching presented by passionate brand-building and social media growth strategist - Mindi Rosser.

We’ll meet for 60 minutes (once a week or more often if you feel it is necessary) to discuss your past experience with social media, results, challenges, and more importantly, future goals and needs.

We’ll conduct these discussions via video and/or phone for optimum results and you’ll receive the recordings, as a bonus, to replay the coaching sessions, whenever you need so.

Keen to start making a significant difference with social media and build a rock-solid brand, business, practice or career?

Step #1 - please fill out this Work with Mindi application and then

Step #2 - jump on a quick “introductory” call...


Within one business day, you will receive a follow up message regarding what happens next.

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P.S. Here’s how I helped people like you turn their social media profiles into positive ROI...

“We have used Mindi over the years as a business consultant, and recently she helped us implement a social media plan for our on-line businesses. She gave us clear, concise direction and a simple plan to add each social media outlet one by one in a manner to best promote our items.

Within a few months our sales had more than doubled and we had grown from 3 on-line stores to six on-line stores and expanded our presence to all the major social media channels.

We look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with this talented, energetic, optimistic and creative consultant.”
— Rebecca Ramsey, Camo Chique Boutique - Pink Camo, Realtree, Mossy Oak

“Mindi is an amazing asset to our Social Media team, as her incredible focus, enthusiasm, and dependability are second to none.

Her can-do attitude, coupled with her ability to sift through and curate research at lightning speed inspire everyone around her to work like she does - smarter, and faster.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mindi and I hope there will be many opportunities for us to collaborate in the future.”
— Nicole Varvitsiotes, UX copywriter at NerdWallet

“Mindi is a spitfire social media advocate and research enthusiast whose contribution to our Social Media team (led by Starr Hall) is immense.

She is super focused, driven, intelligent and a fantastic blogger. Plus, she is a joy to interact with every day and you can count on her to deliver in a flash. I hope we will have many opportunities in the future to work together.

Any team - social media or otherwise - will benefit from her infectious energy, discipline and smarts.”
— Kim Jean Taylor, Director, Brand & Culture Strategy / Partnerships

“If you are in need of a social media expert, please look no further, Mindi has this social media marketing thing in her back pocket and gives excellent advice and a strategic analysis that’s solid and works.”
— Anthony Lawshee, Head Automotive Tuner at RaceIQ Performance

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