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Finally! A WAKE-UP CALL to the dedicated job seeker, sales person, solopreneur or business owner who is struggling to get results with LinkedIn and is still looking to...

BUILD a rock-solid personal BRAND,

Get Your Most Wanted JOB, ENGAGE with Your Ideal Prospects and ACCELERATE your NETWORK...

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This Is Your LinkedIn Profile Reboot

  1. the Natural Way for YOU to Tap into LinkedIn,

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Here's a fact: I'd dare to say that after 9 years in the business, and professionally analyzing 1100+ LinkedIn profiles, 98% of them are simply invisible, “me too” replicas of their competitors. Nothing makes them stand out. In return they get little or no results at all.

It's so sad to see that, when there are the actual 2% of people that do get results, and they use LinkedIn to generate significant profits, personally and professionally.

If you're like most people, you've probably done this too: copy and pasted your resume (or whatever you wrote about yourself) into your LinkedIn profile and then you're wondering why you aren’t gaining any traction yet?

If you're currently having challenges getting LinkedIn results, then you know something has to be done and spinning your wheels in vain is not the answer anymore.

Here's the biggest, yet most
overlooked LinkedIn 'Secret':

Your #1 LinkedIn goal should be to transform your profile from a “regular” resume into a high-quality, “power-packed” resource that truly shines and gets the desired attention, just like bees are hypnotically lured to honey.

For a limited time and to a limited number of LinkedIn users I'm offering to personally revamp your LinkedIn profile and help take it to the next level. This will bring you close to your desired results, almost immediately.

My mission is to strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your unique goals and target audience so that you can reach your true potential and build a “purple cow”, self-perpetuating brand.

Here's what other clients say about me and
my service that you may find worth reading...


Here's exactly what you GET with this “done-for-you” LinkedIn service:

A complete LinkedIn profile REWRITE, including the headline, summary and experience sections.

It also includes additional sections (Education, Skills, etc.) that you note in the LinkedIn Profile Questionnaire.

Here's what happens when you decide to work with me following payment:

Step 1: Once you fill out my questionnaire, I will send you the first draft of your LinkedIn profile in a Google Doc for easy access. You can then comment/edit and provide feedback to help me tailor it to your ultimate needs and goals.

Step 2: Once I receive your valuable feedback, then I polish that draft and refine the output. You can choose whether you'd like me to make all the changes on your LinkedIn profile or whether you feel more comfortable doing it yourself.

(It's easier for me to do because I can adjust minor copy issues in the Summary section -- character counts are tricky there.)
Once the changes have been made to your profile, we both give it another look on desktop/mobile. Make additional changes and move forward.

Step 3: I follow up with additional suggestions on how to improve your profile with all the extras (media, groups, engagement, etc.)

The question which is probably crossing your mind now... so how much for all this? Glad you asked...

  1. Your One-Time Investment Is Going to Pay Off Sooner

  2. than You Can Imagine, Just like It Did for Many of My Clients.

    Only $500/per LinkedIn profile

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into Immediate Significant Results!

Here's what to do next if you'd like working with me to revamp your LinkedIn profile and achieve your personal and professional goals faster than you could do it on your own:

  1. Fill out the LinkedIn Profile Questionnaire here.

  2. Shoot me an email at to let me know you're done and excited about a LinkedIn profile makeover.

  3. Book a quick 15-minute call with me here for us to get started.

NOTE: The typical turnaround time for the first draft is 5-7 business days. You'll be 100% satisfied and proud with your LinkedIn Profile Reboot and you'll probably tell ALL your friends and contacts to work with me, or get all your money-back, guaranteed!

Yes, you've read that correctly! Unless you're not fully thrilled with the output, just email me and I'll issue a complete refund on the spot. And we're still going to part friends – that's OK with me. I am in this business for people like you, to bring results, not fluff talks.

P.S. Here are some recent LinkedIn Profile Reboot “samples” you can inspect for yourself...