5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is More Beneficial Than Traditional Marketing

Many people are interested in increasing the visibility of their businesses using social media, but few really know what are the disadvantages and advantages of social networks for companies.

First of all, I would like to clarify:


What are social networks for companies?

When I talk about the definition of social networks for companies, and mainly, in this case, I am not referring to a type of social platform created or designed exclusively for a business, but to the way of using them.

Social networks for companies, or rather, a social network used by a company is the way in which a business, entrepreneur or professional uses social media to enhance their visibility, presence and online reputation in order to improve their business results.


What are the advantages of using social media for business?


1. Increase the visibility of a brand

Currently, a large number of your potential clients, whether you are a company or an entrepreneur, have a profile in one of the hundreds of existing social networks in the current digital landscape.

For this reason, social media has become an ideal showcase for your business to "look good online" and attract the right customers.


2. Help improve the online reputation of your business

Social media puts you in touch or gives you access to a greater number of people or potential customers.

In the same way, having a good social media strategy that takes into account the quality of the content and emphasizes optimal customer service (or Social Customer Service) is by definition an unbeatable way to boost the reputation of your business.

For this reason, I always recommend that you surround yourself with sufficiently well-trained personnel to deal with content management and with enough professional experience to be able to face possible criticism and negative publicity.

Social media facilitates the communication between your company and its customers. Social networks are an excellent way to interact with clients, prospects, and fans.


3. Attract more traffic to your website or blog

Another advantage of social networks is that they can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website or blog. 

Again, you must have a solid social media strategy and effective social media management to drive the right traffic to your site. Don't expect much traffic if you are spamming on social media or posting junk links.


4. Open new market possibilities

Social media helps you get the attention of new audiences. No matter the size of your business, you can identify and target new markets by doing a good amount of social listening. You don't have to be a mega-corporation to do so.

This could result in increased sales, but that is more of an indirect benefit for most businesses using social media. You may be able to drive traffic from social media to your website and hope to convert those visitors into customers, but you are not making sales directly on social media.


5. Discover what your target audience wants, needs, and demands

Another advantage of social networks is that they are an environment in which people express their tastes, needs, and interests.

Therefore, you have another ideal place to take the pulse of what your target audience demands. And by gathering this information, you can apply it to your SEO strategy.

How? When hiring a digital marketing company (like Rebel Corp, a Miami SEO agency) or using your own PPC consultant, you can use this information to better target your marketing campaigns.