How to Launch and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel

The internet has toppled the traditional ladder to success, exploding old hierarchies of agents and contracts by allowing creatives of all ages to broadcast from self-defined platforms. No online community bears the fruits of this limitless possibility like YouTube. Since its inception in 2005, the video-sharing site has allowed the weird, the hilarious, and the uber-talented to flourish. It didn't cost Jenna Mourey a cent to upload her first video to YouTube in 2010 under the pseudonym Jenna Marbles. The video, a humorous rant entitled "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking," pulled more than 5 million views in one week. Today, Mourey earns $885,000 a year from YouTube; her uploads are watched by more than 15 million people. And Mourey's channel is only the fourth most popular on the site.

Makeup artists, singer-songwriters, gamers, comedians, and many others are creating YouTube videos on their own terms and earning a living doing it. They are mastering camera work, editing software, and onscreen charisma to produce video content that attracts viewers and subscribers by the thousands.

But it's not just individuals who are reaping the benefits of the YouTube boom. Brands are also creating YouTube channels to reach a younger audience. The YouTube community has massive global influence, and many brands engage with millions of viewers every day by consistently generating innovative, attention-grabbing videos on their channels.

It's not easy to start making money from YouTube, but there are some essential tips and tricks new users can apply to their channels to lay the foundation for a loyal fan base. Before crafting videos, a new user should consider how they will establish their unique personal brand and maximize views on their content.

Ten years ago, YouTubers recorded their videos on shoddy laptops in messy bedrooms. But now that ad money is on the table, users have stepped up their game considerably, experimenting with editing techniques, attractive backdrops, and enticing clickbait video titles. Popular YouTube channels have been elevated to "influencer" status. Creators receive free stuff from brands, and sponsored content thrives.

In this environment, it may seem harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. But one of the endearing lessons of YouTube's creative community is that genuine talent and personality count for more here than they do anywhere else. Check out this infographic by WeAreTop10 to see how a beginner can start, sustain and grow a successful YouTube channel.

How to Build a YouTube Channel - Mindi Rosser
How to Build a YouTube Channel - Mindi Rosser